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Dear catfriends and friendly breeders ! Constantly, all our cats are under veterinary health control and tested FeLV-/FIV-antibody negative actually ! Of course our animals are chipped, dewormed manifold and have passed all kinds of vaccinations (only inactivated vaccines !) against : feline infectious enteritis(3×), respiratory viral diseases(3×), feline leukemia(3×), feline chlamydia psittaci(3×) and FIP(on special demand) and rabies. In the past, we never before had any cause of HCM and PKD in our lines. All our breeding-cats are PK-free/PFdef.-free, see 'PK-def. - special' and are GSD IV-free, partially back over the 9th generation, see 'GSD-IV - special' , (proved by the original certificates ). A thorough hygienic and health care of our beloved animals is guaranteed. Our kittens will leave us with a health certificate and not before they are 16-18 weeks old (abroad not before minimum 18-20 weeks !)
Information for vaccination management for cat-breeders and cat-lovers (first only in German)
Information to details of vaccines (first only in German)

=> for more information and blind dates with our cats,
please feel free to contact us !

Dear catfriends,
currently we don't expect
Norwegian Forestcat kittens
- for breeding or show -

state 21.02.2022

Dear catfriends,
you can find our previous litters
at 'gallery' !

further kittenlinks, please see below

our special darlings from our :
Y-litter , D2-litter , E2-litter , G2-litter , H2-litter , J2-litter , K2-litter ;
L2-litter , M2-litter , N2-litter P2-litter , R2-litter , T2-litter , W2-litter
Y2-litter and last but not least from our Z2-litter
all amber- or amber-carrier-kittens
the special x-colours

Here you can find further kitten-links, at our friendly catteries !
av Elvegard
Norwegian Forestcats

av Voivodeasa
Norwegian Forestcats

vom Lindwurmland
Norwegian Forestcats

von den Trollhöhen
Norwegian Forestcats

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