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The new GERMAN AMBER-site will be translated as soon as possible !
Here you can find a summary of all important links to the Norwegian Forestcats in X-colours : amber and amber-tabby
(each link with kind permission of the publishing company and of the author(s)

Dicoverer of the Extension-Gene at the family of the cats / Felidae,liens,2185064.html
'Ambersite' of the NFO-breeder, veterinarian and scientist

Dr. vet. Marc Peterschmitt / France !
here you can find his complete dissertation from 31.01.2009
194 sites / ~ 6 MB / french

GENETIC-TEST for the AMBER-mutation at the Norwegian Forestcats at LVD69 / F - english form
GENETIC-test (english) for the AMBER-mutation at LVD96 = Laboratoire Vétérinaire Département 69 - France - ca. 570 kB

- at the dissertation of Marc the genetic-test was developed first by LVD69 -
paying mode at LVD69
paying mode at LVD69 per creditcard

Genetic-test-form for the AMBER-mutation/NFO at LABOKLIN
Genetic-test for the AMBER-mutation at LABOKLIN

if required, all forms should be saved, then printed and completed and finally signed. Add it to the blood-/hair-sample which should be analysed

further links to the X-colours :
amber and amber-tabby

Norwegian Forestcats in AMBER ... the show must go on : cat-magazine OUR CATS 2009
NFO in Amber ... the show must go on - published at the German cat-magazine 'OUR CATS' 08 and 09/2009 - pdf-file - ca. 2,9 MB

Norwegian Forestcats in AMBER ... the show must go on / complete publishing
NFO in Amber ... the show must go on - complete publication ! - pdf-file - ca. 1,4 MB

Norwegian Forest Cats in AMBER ... the show must go on / complete / NEDERLANDE / dutch , translated by Anneke Kuys/NL
NFO in Amber ... the show must go on - complete ! - pdf-file - ca. 1,3 MB

Norwegian Forestcats in AMBER ... the show must go on : cat-magazine WALDKATZENMAGAZIN 2009
NFO in Amber ... the show must go on - advanced publication at the IG-NFO organ 'WALDKATZENMAGAZIN' 2/2009 of the German FIFe ! - pdf-file - ca. 2,6 MB

GENE-certificate : amber/non-Agouti !
amber(non-agouti !)-certificate of YBRO av BARNEDROEM !

GENE-certificate : AMBER-... NOT the same as CINNAMON-... !
Gene-certificate from BALTIMOOR's Black Cola tested on CINNAMON : (N/N) = NOT  CINNAMON !!!

Short simplified summary about the history of x-colours :
amber and amber-tabby
According to the previous NFO-race-standard the colours 'CINNAMON' and in dilution 'FAWN' as well as 'CHOCOLATE' and in dilution 'LILAC' were not admitted. Therefore often they were called X-colours. But these colours are always present in breeding NFO, as proved since 1992, when S* WILDWOOD's IMER and his brother IROS were born in this colours. And this colours will still exist in future, even if they are very rare. In former times often they might be disappeared as very warm black-tabby cats as pets.
Baltimoor's Black Cola - amber-tabby-blotched
'Carlos' - pedigree

gene-certificate : AMBER-... is NOT CINNAMON-... !
Until by closing the novice-class in the Norwegian race-cat-clubs (1990) and in the Swedish race-cat-clubs (1988), all colours were accepted. The standard of July 1st 1986 all colours were admitted, except point-signs. Only after the update of the NFO-race-standard at january 10th 1994 the X-colours are no more admitted too. Nevertheless it was not beared in mind : the X-colours are based on a recessive gene, which will appaer again after several generations of X-colour- carriers and will bring new X-coloured animals. Fact is the origine of this gene-mutation. Well known fact is, that all those cats are based on the female N* KLØFTERHAGEN's BABUSCHKA, but one never will be able to clear up, were she got the gene from, by inheritance or by spontaneous mutation. This will remain a mystery.
left : Ybro av Barnedroem - amber
rights : Yngvi av Barnedroem - amber-tabby-blotched

8 weeks
Till now the question was : were can we find the genetical source of these colours ? With a lot of testbreedings it could be established that there is no crossbreeding with other races. Now the question was, if it is an independent X-colour-gene - with non-agouti x-colours too - or is it another tabby-version ? With the commitment of competent breeders this was cleared now and the FIFE accepted the colours at the general meeting in Portugal on May 27th/28th 2004. Now they call it 'AMBER...' / 'AMBER-TABBY-...' with all variations. In the meantime there exist the first genetic-certificates that prove that the gene for AMBER-... / AMBER-TABBY-... is NOT the CINNAMON-gene (from the SOMALIS) and other certificates, that prove the NON-AGOUTI-type (a/a) for the 'BLACK-NOSED' Norwegian Forestcats in AMBER. In the years 2007 to 2009 was a scientific work about the NFOs in the colour AMBER resp. AMBER-Tabby. There the gene-mutation, was identified as a completely indipendent gene-mutation : the extension-gene-locus, which now is identified for the Felidae-family for the first time. This extension-locus is known since years at other species with the same effects (please have a look too at '' ; at human being the 'red'-coloured hair, at horses the colour 'chestnut', at dogs the colour of Golden Retriever and Irish Setter, and several more individuals). First now the extension-gene is identified at the cats by this scientific work. The EMS-code is nt (09 22,23... etc.); please have a look too at the links listed above.
Ybro av Barnedroem - amber (non-agouti)

gene-certificate : NON-AGOUTI !
have a look too at : ''history of the norwegian foerestcat'
AMBER-TABBY-... / agouti without white :
Kittens in the colour AMBER-TABBY-.../agouti (blotched/mackerel/spotted ...) without white are like BLACK-TABBIES at birth, but with a pinkish leather nose. Their EMS-code is : nt 22/23/24 ... . But they are showing the much more warmer colours from the beginning; they have a bent for redish-brown, especially at the face. The coat is much more fair, especially at the paws and were you can recognize bright hairs between the paw pads. The paw pads themselves first are pinkish-sooty, then pinkish and finally they will become dark-brown or black, which is typical for the AMBER-colours. Exceptionally remarkable is their flesh-coloured ('pinkish') leather nose. At the age of about 5 weeks the coat is beginning to change the colour from the roots of the hairs to a more reddish colour. The colour-development varies from an intensive apricot to a reddish-brown and finally to the expanded variations of the colour like you can find it at the mineral AMBER, when the cats are adult. Then the dark paw pads and the long black kemp-hairs at the back and at the tail are remarkable, which you can find too at the animals until they are grown-up, less or more, depending on the different breeding lines !
GENE-certificate :
BALTIMOOR's BLACK COLA - is amber-tabby-blotched and NOT cinnamon-tabby-blotched
and so are his offsprings !
with N/N he is not carrying any amount of cinnamon !
Yngvi av Barnedroem - amber-tabby-blotched
Yngvi av Barnedroem - 8 weeks
pinkish leather nose (still without noseline !)
=> amber-tabby-nose/~-line/6 months
=> amber-tabby-nose/~n-line/1,5years
==> black-tabby-nose / 2 years
Yngvi av Barnedroem - 6 weeks
bright sole of the feet/still bright paw pads
dark ball of the feet (19 weeks)!

==> black-tabby-sole of the feet / 5 weeks
==> black-tabby-sole of the feet / 9 weeks
Yngvi av Barnedroem - 8 weeks
front paws /

==> at black-tabby-... kitten / 6 weeks
Yngvi av Barnedroem - amber-tabby-blotched
3 weeks
Yngvi av Barnedroem - amber-tabby-blotched
14 weeks
Yngvi av Barnedroem - amber-tabby-blotched
1 year
AMBER / non-agouti without white
Kittens in AMBER/non-agouti, without white; EMS-code nt, are like BLACK-TABBIES at birth. First in the course of time of the kittens' developement, of about 5 weeks, you can see the pure black or seal leather nose. At the BLACK-TABBIES the leather nose became brick-red at this age already. Further you can recognize the light-coloured sole of the feet, which remains black at the BLACK-TABBIES. The paw pads are dark from the beginning and the will remain black, anthrazit or dark-brown. At the AMBER/non-agouti-kittens the bridge of the nose will become more and more blackened, like sooty. At this age of about 5 weeks the coat is beginning to change the colour from the roots of the hairs to a more fair colour; the BLACK-TABBY-hairs remain completely dark. The appearance of the AMBER/non-agouti is nearly similar as it is known from the RED/non-agouti-cats and so it shows a fantastic ghost-painting. Even at the adults you mostly have a super contrast of the ghostpainting, depending on the breeding lines. The nuances of the AMBER/non-agouti-colour and AMBER-TABBY-...agouti-colours varies manyfold like the colour of the mineral AMBER.

Ybro av Barnedroem - amber
Ybro av Barnedroem - 8 weeks
black/seal leather nose

==> black-tabby-nose / 7 weeks
==> amber-nose / 1,5 years
==> black-tabby-nose / 2 years
Ybro av Barnedroem - 6 weeks
bright sole of the feet
dark paw pads !

==> black-tabby-sole of the feet / 5 weeks
==> black-tabby-sole of the feet / 9 weeks
Ybro av Barnedroem - 8 weeks
front paws / under-coat

==> at black-tabby-... kitten / 6 weeks
Ybro av Barnedroem - amber
3 weeks

Ybro av Barnedroem - amber
14 weeks

Ybro av Barnedroem - amber
1 year

The coat-colour is finally fully developed at an age of 3-4 years !!! It varies slightly from summer-coat to winter-coat.

The destination of the AMBER-colours becomes very difficult at kittens in AMBER-TORTIE-... and at colours with dilution like LIGHT-AMBER and LIGHT-AMBER-TABBY or with silver-genetic like AMBER-SMOKE or AMBER-SILVER-TABBY-... , as well as at kittens with white. When the special areas, like leather nose and the feet, are with white, then you cannot find some definitive amber-attributes.

Some of the following pictures are from the cattery 'BALTIMOOR's '.
Dear Christine, thank you very much for the wonderful pictures – and self-evident for the fantastic Norwegian Forestcats

Further informations and descriptions for the different colours will follow in future and some of them can be seen already at some other 'Amber'-breeders.
Yordis av Barnedroem / 1 year

Baltimoor's Knut

Baltimoor's Black Cola = 'Carlos'

7,5 weeks

Baltimoor's Chocolate Chip

You can find further pictures to our AMBER- , AMBER-TABBY- and
TORTIE-TABBY-kittens at our litters :
Y-litter , D2-litter , E2-litter , G2-litter , H2-litter , J2-litter , K2-litter ;
L2-litter , M2-litter , N2-litter P2-litter , R2-litter , T2-litter , W2-litter
Y2-litter and last but not least at our Z2-litter
the special x-colours

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