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GSD IV-free
FF-litter *25.07.2007
theme : ' We Will Rock You '
GSD IV-free

Finally ! Our lovely blue-tabby girl Nita did found to her great love and succumbed to ‘Carlos’ powers of seduction :

Great European Champion BALTIMOOR's Blue-Nita / ‘Nita’ / EMS-code : a 09 22  -    black-tabby-blotched/white
Great European Champion BALTIMOOR’s Black Cola / ‘Carlos’ / EMS-code : nt 22   -  amber-tabby-classic

Both did their work very well, as old parents did it always. ‘Nita’ was in a hurry with her kittens
and so we must help her immediately by a Caesarean section.
She gave birth to three wonderful and very typical kittens. This litter was a dream.
Cause Nita had only few mother's milk, our 'cat-mum' Roswitha must feed them all 3 to 4 hours
and so we grow fond of these three sweet 'rockers' very specially. We didn't abandon hope for a long time.
But as it is always in lifetime, sometimes the sweetest dreams will fall through and won't come reality !
Our three little 'rockers' were not lucky in getting enough care by our Lord; he escorted them over the rainbowbridge too early.


GINGER BAKER av Barnedroem :  male    EMS-code : at 09 22 - light-amber-tabby-blotched/white +

CARLOS SANTANA av Barnedroem :  male    EMS-code : n - black +

FREDDY MERCURY av Barnedroem :  male     EMS-code :  nt 22 - amber-tabby-blotched +

informations about :  AMBER => EMS-code : nt (non-agouti)   and     AMBER-TABBY =>  EMS-code : nt 22 (agouti) and all the other x-coulor-variations

Ginger Baker av Barnedroem + Carlos Santana av Barnedroem + Freddy Mercury av Barnedroem +

Dear catfriends, unfortunately we did loose the daily struggle for existence for our three little 'rockers' .
Whoever does breed and whoever did feed his kittens, cause the kittens' mum didn't have any mother's milk or only very few,
only those people can imagine this daily struggle for existance.

Cause the kittens couldn't get the foremilk or only very few of it, so they didn't have a good immune-system for the first two to four weeks.
That's why they can be infected easily by anything else; our three little 'rockers' didn't really have any chance as such young kittens.
They went over the rainbowbridge very calmly. We will miss them so badly, but we must accept this situation !

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